small business & small business+ website design options

serva has a website for you

with our starter websites, or even if you have a limited budget, serva has an option that will suit your requirements, plus it’s totally upgradable to grow as your business does

serva can also accept

you can have an eye-catching web page design that will showcase your company and services. when you choose serva as your website design & development firm.

at only $55 per month for a single page website including hosting and domain name. these single page websites are for new clients that have zero website presence at the moment and want to

take advantage of the potential growth a website can provide.

there are no website set up fees, you simply subscribe to a monthly payment plan you choose, pay us 2 months fee, (1 in advance and the other is the current month) and it will cover your website design and initial web development.

mobile compatible auto detect website design and hosting including monthly payment start up websites

Start up website design for a minimal monthly payment for your local web presence

our start up 1 page website has:


  • choice of background images
  • choice of color headers and fonts
  • google map links
  • choice of images

a great start as a small local web presence so that at least you’ll be found rather your competition.

Premium small business monthly website design with auto detect mobile compatible website that will develop and grow with your business

our small business+ website has:


  • choice of background images & or color
  • choice of color headers and text
  • google map links
  • portfolio
  • blog page
  • auto detect mobile compatibility
  • optional shopping cart & e-commerce*

* charged dependent upon size of cart.

small business

here are some of the businesses that have already taken up our serva+ website development package.

Affordable monthly small business website for business growth

our small business website has:


  • choice of background images & or color
  • choice of color headers and text
  • google map links
  • portfolio
  • blog page
  • full choice from our image library

the charges quoted above for our start up, small business & small business+ are all charged per month with a minimum of a 12 monthly payment contract. but with the growth it should bring in, we’re sure you’ll be upgrading the account rather than thinking of cancelling it.

website development to suit your requirements

serva hosting offers website options for single page and small business websites with auto detect e-commerce and growth as your business grows using serva website development

why do you need a professional looking website?

Customers expect to be able to find out more about your business online. It’s where they will look first these days. Whether you are providing information about your services, prices, or products on your website, customers want to be able to find out more about you at a time that suits them best, often on a mobile phone. Customer also can link to you through friends and family via social media, so it all starts to work together. If potential customers are not finding you, chances are that they are finding your competitors’ products and services. Getting started for as little as $20 per month is a little bit of a no brainer for businesses with a limited online marketing budget because it gets you connected to potential new customers.

what’s included in our monthly website plans?

  • Domain name
  • Professional package website hosting
  • Website Consultation
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Your content upload and formatting
  • Email account setup*

what services do we offer?

serva also provides the following services: small business websites, medium-large business website design, ecommerce websites, company website and branding solutions, business logo design, point of sale presentations and literature design, such as brochures, leaflets and flyers. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.